Nicolette Kapp

Understanding The Direct Correlation Between Education And Poverty Caused By The Drought In The Horn of Africa

The current drought in the Horn of Africa has displaced thousands of people and left many more in need of food and water. While there are numerous factors contributing to the situation, we will focus on two specific issues: how the drought affects school attendance and how lack of education contributes to poverty. By understanding the direct correlation between these factors, we can better assess the needs of those affected by this crisis and develop targeted interventions.

The 12 Principles Of Permaculture: Sustainability In South Africa

Permaculture is a design philosophy that can be used to create sustainable systems in any environment. It has been gaining popularity in South Africa in recent years as people become more aware of the need to live more sustainably. There are 12 basic core principles of permaculture, and if we adhere to these principles we can make big changes in the way we live our lives.

Riaan Benadé – 17/03/2021

It’s a hot Wednesday evening in the suburbs of Cape Town. Today we conquer a new territory, well that’s a tad bit dramatic, let’s just say… new people and a new venue, which means a whole new approach to documenting behind the scenes. I have to admit, I had loads of fun with Riaan Benadé and the team from Coleske Artists.

Danie Reënwolf

Thank you to Danie du Toit from Spoegwolf for the lovely acoustic show! The beautiful venue, Kleinevalleij Estate, is situated in the heart of the Paarl and Wellington mountains.

Demi Lee Moore – 23/10/2020

I had the honour of photographing Demi Lee Moore live at Lourensford Wine Estate on the 23rd of October 2020. A massive thank you to the team and also Helpende Hand for hosting the event. This was my first time working with a local artist in South Africa and I have to admit it was definitely one of my favourite live events I’ve ever been apart of.