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Let There Be Light

Early mornings, late nights and a boatload of flat white’s is nothing new to the Creative Team. Or let’s just say nothing new to those who make call time. Shots fired. But for real, after a few years of Christmas Spectacular, I’m convinced that we spend more money on coffee than water. If you look on the bright side, there’s water in coffee.


Oh hello Grand West, it’s us again. You might remember us from Colour Conference, the group that has the best actors, singers, dancers; you name it, or maybe, the team that takes the whole wall to write their names. By the way, why do you keep on painting over it? Heck budget is tight; one can only afford so many pens in a year.


It’s always nice walking into the Arena with ‘Guess who’s back?’ playing in the background. Ok, maybe in the background of my head. ‘Cause you know, I’m not that special to get an intro. Speaking of an intro, as I walked back in I didn’t realise there’s a curtain after the doors, like wasn’t the veil torn? You see what happened was, I walked in and you know when you look for the end of the curtain? Ya, that curtain went on for eternity. I finally managed to get in. That’s 6 minutes of my life I’m not getting back…


Guess who was responsible for the volunteer photo? Me. You might remember a particular event that ruined my little ego a few years ago. I take some serious pride in what I do, but that day Miley Cyrus came in like a wrecking ball and I couldn’t think straight. This time was a little bit different, they gave me the microphone. I may or may not have a slight inappropriate side to my apparent “quietness”, so on that note, praise Jesus that the microphone cut out when I cracked my first joke…  Let’s just say I just want people to know that photographers are good in the dark. But I did need light, and the photo came out good.


Let me tell you about the rest of rehearsals. It’s like being found in the mystery but sadly I tripped and found myself between the chairs. Anyhow. Rehearsals are always fun. Not only do you get to see the whole production, but you also see what goes into it.


I think my favourite item would be the intro of King Julian. Ha yeah, that happened. I’m pretty upset that I didn’t get a palm tree outfit. I have to admit that I’m pretty good at throwing shade… But our Where’s Wally outfits were a win. I don’t like stripes. But the stuff you would do for your team hey…


The most creative thing I did at Spec this year was the dance at the end. I have to say that my moves can make it in a Colgate ad with a tagline that says noticeably white. I can’t move my hands and feet at the same time and to make matters worse, I end up with a wedgie stuck between my lungs. So no dancing for me. Some people that can dance on high heels are more stable than my entire life. I always thought that I was pretty stable until that one prayer meeting when I stood on a massive wooden bin and the lid decided to come lose. Like, why does the lid have to make such silly decisions? I may or may not have slipped. To save myself from worse embarrassment I changed my mind on where I want to stand for the next meeting. You know, let’s just lie on the floor because you can’t fall over.


Listen, I love what I do. These backstage things are my highlight of the year! These are the stories you would never hear of. You would think that this post would have been pretty profound. But I’m just sitting here telling you some interesting stories from my perspective and there’s a lot more. Until next year!




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