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LikeLocal – Krong Siem Reap

It’s a blistering hot afternoon in Siem Reap, and we are en route to another local food experience with LikeLocal. The city is in full prep mode for the Khmer New Year, and most roads are closed for the festivities.

I’m sitting in the back of a tuk-tuk traveling through the streets during Songkran Nights. In its most simplistic form, Songkran Nights include everyone known to humankind getting a water gun, hose, or bucket and filling the streets with water fights. No one leaves dry. Also, don’t forget the baby powder. You will be soaking wet and covered in baby powder.

It’s a lot of fun, and the atmosphere gives you a unique cultural experience. While all of this went down and I made it out dry to my offbeat travel destination. We met with a young lady named Ms. SreySor. In the mornings, Ms. SreySor works with her older sister at a restaurant. Both love music, yoga, cycling, and local market trips.

Ms. SreySor invited us for dinner and to watch the sunset. As we drove through a bustling local market and almost got taken out by huge ass cows, we arrived at Ms. SreySor’s home. Mini rice fields and other traditional homes surround her home. The greenery reminded me of the Winelands of Cape Town.

Ms. SreySor welcomed me into her kitchen, a lovely space with loads of utilities and tools. She was about to finish cooking our meals when she showed me another part of her home. In her spare time, Ms. SreySor makes beautiful garments by hand. She spent time to show me how she makes it.

It was a pretty hot evening, and we decided to have dinner outside under the mango trees. Ms. SreySor served Samlor Koko, climbing wattle omelet, rice, and really delicious watermelon. You know the food is excellent when I go for seconds. Maybe if you see me, you’d think I always go for seconds. Ms. SreySor has a natural gift for cooking and hosting guests. Most ingredients are either fresh from her garden or handpicked at the local market.

The sun was setting slowly in the distance, and we continued reminiscing about the good old days of Siem Reap. Ms. SreySor and the LikeLocal team are all locals. It was yet another great evening where I learned so much about the history of Cambodia.

I must admit; these nights are probably one of the best ways to learn more about the culture, local people, and their way of life. My heart is whole whenever we leave one of these experiences with LikeLocal. The depth of knowledge, hospitality, and fantastic food goes beyond understanding. 

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